Welcome to Terra!

Alright, so far there’s not that much information on here. I know that. I’m planning on working with Zach to make the campaign site more visually appealing, and much, much more content will be coming up after the first adventure.

So what kind of campaign will this be? I think the first adventure will answer that to a large extent, but to give you an idea beforehand, read Welcome to Terra. As I said at character creation, it’s going to be darker and grittier than most. Though there is plenty of it that is fantasitic (elves, dwarves, magic, Gods) I want to keep a strong grounding in realism.


Check out this page for the list of Pathfinder Traits for your character. You get to pick two. I think these are a really great opportunity to add some aspect from your backstory to create an in-game effect. So for instance for Daniel’s character, the Tunnel Fighter trait would be tremendously appropriate. I’d encourage you to pick them for to fit your backstory, not try to pick the best and alter your backstory to match.


Check out the forums and get started! You’re all invited (even encouraged) to start posts in either OOC or IC.

House Rules

Experience: Just as Zach did in Crucible, experience will not be tracked. Instead all characters will advance a level at the end of every second adventure. I’d like to do every second (instead of every 3rd as Zach did) since we’re only playing once every 3 weeks. That will put us at a pace to reach level 20 in 27 months and change (2.3 years). I think that’s a good run for any campaign. I wouldn’t want to go any slower.

Weapon Focus/Specialization: These feats have always annoyed me. Right now my plan is that any character that takes Weapon Focus or Specialization will chose a class of weapons instead of a specific one. So, instead of taking “Weapon Focus: Longsword” you’d take “Weapon Focus: Swords”. This gives a little more versatility to the character in weapon choice and doesn’t lock you in to one particular weapon.


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