A wise and venerable monk


Assaji is an old man, perhaps in his mid to late 60s. He wears simple red and gold robes that identify him as an Abkhaz Monks, a fairly remote people who do not often meddle in the politics of the day. They did not participate in Reichland’s war against the other races.

His face is wrinkled and covered in many age spots, as if from a life spent outdoors. He walks well enough, but it’s clear his age has caught up with him a bit. His arms and legs are willow-thin, yet he seems to have no trouble walking around.

A long, wispy beard covers his usually-smiling face, and when he opens it’s mouth it’s clear he’s missing a few teeth. He carries his few possessions across his back in a burlap sack.


Assaji doesn’t say much about his past, though it’s clear he knows a bit about the army and the war. If questioned, he usually demurs, saying he wasn’t always a monk.


Terra Hardhead